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Board Your Cat with Our Fully-Qualified Staff

Your vacation is looming and you can’t take your furry family member. Finding accommodations for your cat can be stressful because you want them taken care of and finding an ethical kennel should be your primary concern. When it comes to cat boarding, we are Ottawa’s most trusted option.

We have a deep love for cats of all shapes and sizes and we’re in tune with their needs. We thoroughly enjoy playing with your cat during their stay here. Inside our cat boarding facility, you’ll find no cold, oppressive steel bars and concrete floors. Instead, we offer a homey atmosphere complete with cat trees and plenty of space to run. Your cat deserves a sublime experience while you’re away. Give your cat a vacation to match yours at Prince of Wales Animal Hospital.

beautiful grey cat snuggled in a pile of blankets

Give Your Cat a Vacation Full of Pampering

There are some misconceptions about cat boarding that we feel should be cleared up. For instance:

  • Despite popular belief, your cat doesn’t like being left alone for long periods of time. While they may seem distant, standoffish, or play hard to get at home, your cat is a loving and open animal that yearns for attention and love.
  • They may have enough food and water while you’re away, but they will lack the attention they both desire and deserve, growing confused and anxious in the absence of their family.
  • Your cat may not enjoy the company of others. We do not board them with other cats. We have ten large suites available to fully-accommodate your cat’s needs.

Our facilities are designed to ease both yours and your cat’s anxiety. Tiger can’t get enough of catnip? We’ll make sure he’s placated. Does Dora love to climb the back of your couch and onto your counter? We have a network of cat trees for her to enjoy. Most importantly, your cat is never far away from our certified veterinarians, so you can feel comfortable in knowing that all eventualities are covered.

Book Your Cat’s Stay Today

We hope we’ve answered a few of your most pressing questions. For more information, please contact our affiliate, Algonquin Animal Hospital. You can reach them at 613-226-3200. A qualified and passionate team member will provide you with more details.

Set up an Appointment for Your Pet Today!