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Fear Free Is a Forward-Thinking Approach

Fear free is a forward-thinking approach to practicing veterinary medicine in a way that respects the emotional state of the pet.

vet reading medical documents of a bulldog

Veterinary-Certified and Approved Courses

As we understand more about the ability of pets to experience fear and anxiety, veterinarians and veterinary staff want the best for the mental well-being of their patients. The Fear Free Movement is a veterinary-certified and approved series of courses that explores anxiety and fear triggers for pets during a veterinary exam. With the use of low-stress handling techniques, changes in clinic flow and procedure, and safe and effective products and pharmaceuticals, the Fear Free technique leads to less stressful visits for pets and owners.

Fear Free Is More Important

Given the current curbside practices due to COVID-19, Fear Free is more important than ever given the necessity of separating owners from pets. Fear Free is our commitment to follow the most up-to-date practices to help your pet have a more relaxed, less anxious experience in the clinic.

More information is available here.

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