Microchipping for New Pets, Vaccinations, and More in Ottawa

From the first vaccinations or microchipping for your new kitten, to senior care for your beloved, older dog, Prince of Wales Animal Hospital offers a full range of veterinary care in support of your pet’s health. We welcome new four-footed patients of all ages. The veterinary services and diagnostics available at Prince of Wales Animal Hospital include:



We offer comprehensive and professional veterinary examinations for a comprehensive range of situations including animal vaccine, oral exams, illnesses, behavioural consultations and a wide variety of other issues concerning your pets.



We will work with you and your pets to tailor your vaccination program best suited to your feline or canine companion’s lifestyle. Your vet will also provide education on potentially transferable diseases from your pet to you and your family and how to protect against them.



We perform both elective and emergency surgery services; we have a fully qualified veterinarian and technician team available for many surgical procedures.


Nutrition Consultations 

We offer to our client’s complimentary nutritional evaluations combined with comprehensive weight control and weight programs.


Laboratory & X-rays 

We can easily run a comprehensive multi-organ profile on your pet in clinic; we also offer in-house urinalysis testing, comprehensive fetal examinations and routine monitoring of any medications your pet requires. We provide in-house X-rays to assist our veterinarians in identifying illness or injury in your pet in a timely manner.

cat boarding

Cat Boarding 

We offer cat boarding services at our affiliate practice, Algonquin Animal Hospital. Please see our cat boarding page for more information.

dental surgery

Dental Surgery 

Your pet's dental health is important for good nutrition and well-being. Our qualified team performs oral surgery, scaling and polishing, and other dental prophylaxis. We also offer complimentary dental consultations with a qualified technician who will teach the basics of brushing, nutrition and preventive oral care for your pet.


Euthanasia & Aftercare 

We provide compassionate end-of-life service for your beloved animal companion, including euthanasia. Prince of Wales Animal Hospital partners with VRCS, a reputable pet cremation service that also provides the return of pet’s remains.



Ensure your pets are identifiable and can be returned to you if they wander away from home – and even lose their tags. We use internationally recognized microchips which are permanently implanted under the skin for identification. Learn more about pet microchip technology from Petidco from Avid Canada.


Diet & Pet Supplies 

We provide a wide range of special diet and nutritional foods for dogs and cats of all ages and activity levels. Also speak with our trained nutrition consultant to help you make the appropriate choice for your pet.

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